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As personal injury lawyers in Sarasota, we receive this question quite often. Most people do not understand how personal injury cases work or why contingency fees are allowed. Contingency fees are what the lawyer working on a personal injury case will receive at settlement. This type of fee arrangement is only used for personal injury law. Family law, criminal law, and contract law work on retainer and flat fees, while personal injury – in the majority of cases – works using contingency. How this differs is that the attorneys do the work while keeping track of the hours and do not receive payment until or if the case is settled or a verdict relayed.

When working with a personal injury attorney on a contingency based agreement for legal services, the attorney will put in writing his fees and the carious percentages that will accrue over the duration of the case. A personal injury attorney is paying staff from overhead to work on the case for however long that may be – sometimes even years depending on the type of case, which is why when there is a final settlement the attorneys will receive a fairly large portion. This is a huge expense for many firms, something not many realize when they are considering this route. The Florida Bar covers contingency agreements and fees, and any Sarasota personal injury attorney who is using the contingency model must adhere to those rules governing them.

At our firm we try to be fair with our clients, which means that we do not look for ways to bill the client or tack on mystery fees that they must pay during settlement. We realize that those clients who come to us for help have been wronged to the point of requiring an attorney. It is our job to discuss the contingency agreement fully until there are no more questions before anyone finalizes and signs the document.

If you have been injured and require the assistance of a personal injury attorney, feel free to call and we can discuss this matter and style of contract with you.