Criminal Defense

Sarasota Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal Defense Law involves defending those clients accused of criminal breaches. There are two main branches of law: civil and criminal. Criminal law is the field of law in which the government prosecutes a defendant for breaching common law or legislative rules. Criminal defense law involves defending those clients. Criminal defense law is distinct from civil defense law. In civil law, individual parties sue each other and the penalties are usually monetary. These actions are often called torts. When an individual party sues another individual person, the defendant in the case cannot be subject to jail time and the standards of proof are less stringent than in criminal law.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense laws are some of the most important in the United States. Not only are they designed to ensure a fair trial for anyone charged with a crime, but they are also designed to ensure that innocent people are not sentenced to punishment for a crime they did not commit. When facing penalties, including steep fines, jail, or even prison time, it’s extremely important to have legal counsel with experience in the criminal process.

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