Brain injuries are an extremely difficult condition to treat or even, at times, to diagnose. Even the slightest injury to the brain can have long-lasting ramifications upon the body’s ability to function properly. It can affect memory, cognitive reasoning, and motor function depending upon where the brain was injured the severity. If someone has been injured in an accident and received a concussion or other brain injury, it is important to get that person immediate treatment and even have a long term plan for recovery.

Types of treatments are truly dependent upon the level of injury. Doctors will always suggest rest and a limiting of activities that will cause the brain to concentrate. Time off from work and school are usually the first thing a doctor will recommend. For those who require a job to pay bills, this adds more insult to injury and causes additional stress that is unneeded during the recovery period.

The job of personal injury attorney is not to create catastrophic financial damage to a person or business but provide a means for their client to get the medical treatment they require to regain – if possible – the quality of their life. People who have had a brain injury or concussion often do require significant time off work or treatment to return to functioning in a normal manner. As personal injury attorneys, we know what are job is; we are here to help restore our client’s life to one that is functioning if that is possible, and if not to get the family the financial assistance necessary to care for the injured person.