Divorce & Family Law

Family Law Litigation in Sarasota, Florida

Divorce is the demise of your marriage but it need not be the demise of your relationship with your children. We, at Sardelis & Bowles, LLP, are sympathetic towards the sensitive and personal nature of family law cases. We will take the time to explore your rights and options together with your immediate and future needs to develop a strategy that is legally sound and suited to your particular needs and goals.

We provide representation in all areas of marital and family law. Our firm handles all issues related to divorce litigation, including the determination of custody, visitation and support of minor children, alimony, and the division of marital assets and liabilities. Family law matters typically require financial disclosure of assets, liabilities, and income as well as disclosure of sensitive personal matters. On a case-by-case basis, we engage forensic accountants, investigators, mental health experts and other related professionals to ensure the best outcome possible for your case. As a result of this team approach, we often are able to resolve your case at a mediation conference. And if we can’t settle your case at mediation, our team approach will help ensure a well-prepared presentation of your particular case for trial.

The Sardelis & Bowles, LLP law firm also handles a variety of post divorce actions, including actions for modification and/or enforcement of final judgments, alimony and child support modifications, relocation of minor children, and contempt proceedings.

  • Complex Divorces
  • Uncontested Divorces
  • Alimony
  • Property Division
  • Mediation
  • Child Custody & Support
  • Relocation Litigation
  • Modification of Judgments


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