Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce Attorneys in Sarasota, Florida

Collaborative Divorce ProcessYou can resolve your divorce with a “hired gun” type lawyer who will take the adversarial approach and fight for you every step of the way in and out of court until your case is finally resolved. The “adversarial” approach is time consuming, expensive, and fraught with uncertainty and anxiety. Worse yet, the person in the black robe may make a final decision that is not favorable or that you may not like for a myriad of reasons.

A collaborative divorce law approach to your divorce is an alternative to the traditional adversarial approach. It affords both parties a joint opportunity to address and resolve all issues related to the demise of their marriage. It’s a settlement based approach focused on achieving a result tailored to your unique circumstances and finances. It usually costs less money, takes less time, and causes less stress. You and your spouse can get divorced and still be respectful to each other and be there for the benefit of your children without the chaos and calamity of an adversarial divorce.

In a well-managed collaboration, each spouse is provided the opportunity to play a primary role in the creation, design, and implementation of a quality solution to the marital dissolution disputes in a controlled and emotionally safe process. Court  based decisions are rarely better than the collaborative solutions. Parties who design their own outcome are always better off compared to the uncertainty of the adversarial approach.

Depending on the facts, finances, and circumstances unique to your divorce, my many years of experience will help you to make the appropriate choice between the adversarial approach and the collaborative approach.

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