Domestic Violence

Sarasota Domestic Violence Defense & Injunctions

Domestic violence is a very sensitive subject and one that must be treated with all respect and due diligence to ensure that those charges which are accurate end in a way that secures the life and property of another person and those which are not are defended with all proper care and passion.  Domestic violence charges, whether they are misdemeanor or felony, can have deleterious effects on someone’s freedom and financial future, as well as, preventing him or her from providing the necessary financial obligations that the courts will require should child custody and care be an issue.  Jail time, fines, and restraining orders are all common punitive measures issued by courts when it is deemed that an individual has perpetrated violence or repeat violence on a member of his or her family.

Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you are in the middle of a  divorce action or custody case, the allegation of domestic violence may arise which invariably will result in the issuance of an injunction that can adversely impact the outcome of your divorce. These are serious charges in Sarasota which require serious, experienced representation that is immediate and aggressive.  They will not go away, even if the other party attempts to recant their testimony.  Your defense lawyer can be the difference between a record that is free of criminal history and one severely impugned.

Sardelis & Bowles, LLP has successfully represented clients who are accused of domestic violence or who have been accused of violating an injunction.  We know how to properly steer your case and clear your name so that you may go on to live a life unencumbered by restraining orders, loss of freedom, and one where you retain your dignity.

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