Civil/Commercial Litigation

Civil & Commercial Litigation Attorneys in Sarasota

For years our firm has provided experienced, aggressive, and successful representation of our clients in complex personal injury cases and complex divorce cases involving significant sums of money.  As we moved into the civil and commercial litigation practice area we brought with us the same team dynamics, persistent passion, and winning approach that has made us so successful in and out of the courtroom.

Civil Litigation

Today, we not only represent and defend clients in civil litigation, but have a track record that matters.  Whether promoting your interests and your case through negotiation and mediation or taking your case to trial, we develop creative strategies for its successful resolution.  We don’t stop until our clients achieve the compensation and justice they deserve.

Successful commercial and civil litigation requires a top notch team that works in synergy to investigate, research, and plan your case in such a way that every possible avenue for advancement is capitalized on. Our team has been highly successful in negotiations with insurance providers and businesses, and we have also taken cases to trial for our clients when negotiations were not producing the outcome we felt our clients deserved.

You deserve great legal representation and attorneys that not only believe in your case, but are willing to go all the way with you.  You need a litigator that has passion, experience, and the right strategy to win.  We represent the Sarasota businesses and individuals who require a successful and experienced commercial and civil litigation attorney.  Call us today at (941) 366-1200.

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