Family law is one of the more difficult areas of law to practice if you have a heart. The things you will see and hear as an attorney can really stay with you. Children are often put in the middle of violent or acrimonious situations and the courts must step in. The kids may not have even been abused by a parent when the courts take action on their behalf. In order to create a less volatile living arrangement or to avoid a potentially harmful situation, the courts will intervene. This may result in the child being under sole custody of the parent who was abused with monitored visitation from the other parent. Many times a judge will deliver orders that will isolate a child or children from both parents and put them into the care of another relative, usually the grandparent.

In general, the courts of Florida err on the side of caution when it comes to children. The child’s safety will always come first, but at the same time they also must respect the rights of the accused. It is not uncommon for a parent to use domestic violence accusations to gain full custody or better position themselves during a divorce. If this has happened to you, you must seek the assistance of a family lawyer and hopefully one that also deals in criminal defense as there are two sets of issues going on at the same time. No innocent person should be denied access to their child. We also put children first at our law firm, but we do believe in justice and the presumption of innocence. It is out job to find that balance and help keep families working towards a safer and more conducive environment for children.