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South Florida has been the road rage capital of the United States for several years running. Why this is the case, we cannot be quite certain. However, a fair share of road rage incidents and accidents occur on our highways and in enough numbers to be considered a public health issue. It’s not hard to have an incident. You’re angry, you’re stuck in traffic, and there’s a powerful vehicle surrounding you and this can go to someone’s head. Road rage is when your frustrations manifest themselves into actions behind the wheel of a vehicle in such a way as to have the potential for accident. It could be that the driver rams another vehicle, attempts to push them off the road, or even exhibits threatening or violent gestures from the vehicle. While its origins are “human”, the problem is the results. People invariably get hurt.

If you have been injured in a road rage incident, then you know all too well that the recovery from a vehicle accident can be long and sometimes elusive. Being punished every day for the actions of another can be ten times as frustrating as what he or she felt. The constant aches, the loss of work, the purchase of another vehicle – all of these are costly and have no justification.

Most insurance companies deliver only the bare minimum and don’t provide for a long term solution. If you have been substantially injured, your insurance company is inadequate to deliver results. Because road rage is a criminal offense, it is sometimes easier to get just compensation through the courts and it may be best to seek the assistance of a seasoned personal injury attorney.