Motorcycle accidents are usually the result of neglect and poor visibility. Motorcycles are not as common on roadways as other vehicles, certainly not as visible or recognizable. With only one headlight and limited space, they are easy to miss in a rear-view mirror. Motorcycle accidents are a result of many variables but usually one of visibility. Unfortunately they are also some of the most injurious and life-threatening. Here are some tips to help you stay safe:

  • Whenever possible ride on clear days and avoid the rain. Avoid road hazards such as debris. Even the best drivers know to avoid bad situations.
  • Keep your bike properly maintained. This is good advice for cars and motorcycles. However, something going wrong with a motorcycle on the road will result in a greater chance of injury or death.
  • Never share lanes. Just because you see space doesn’t mean that the vehicle driver sees it or you.
  • Wear protective clothing and helmets. Wear bright colors when possible. You want to be as visible as possible to other drivers.
  • Never drink and drive. This goes without saying. Drinking impairs your ability to operate machinery. Don’t do it.

Motorcycles are intrinsically tied to feelings of freedom and enjoyment, and certainly no one wishes to rob anyone of this hobby. They are also fuel efficient and a viable alternative for many commuters. As personal injury attorneys who see the results of motorcycle accidents, we wish to caution people about the results and hope they take it under advisement.