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You have just been in a major car accident in Sarasota or taken a nasty fall in a store. The first thing on your mind is if you are going to be okay. But the next is how you are going to pay for all of the resulting medical bills, time off of work, etc. Then there is the pain and suffering you experienced as a result of their negligence, which you feel that you should be compensated for. Unfortunately, personal injury cannot only harm you physically but it can tear apart your bank account.

You now have a personal injury claim. Your friends and family might advise you to consult a lawyer, and you might debate it because you think that you can solve this case on your own. Your next move is to approach the company or individual responsible for your injury and ask that they cover your expenses and compensate you for the harm. Likely, you will have never been in this position before. You are vulnerable because you are nursing your wounds. The other side will likely refuse to pay, deny responsibility and seem to hold all of the power.

But of all times in your life, this is the time when you need someone in your corner, someone to fight for you. As nice and sorry as the person or company responsible for your injuries may be, they will do what they can to not have to pay. After all, the bills from a personal injury case can be quite expensive. They might turn the matter over to the insurance companies, who outsource the case to their attorneys, and then good luck getting the matter solved in good faith. The primary goal of any insurance company is to pay you as little as possible. This means that they can maximize their profits. Conversely, you are trying to get as much money as possible—not because you are greedy, but because you went through a harrowing experience. As you can see, these positions are opposite of one another and you will likely be facing a fight.

But even if you are dealing with compassionate people on the other side, inexperience with the complex laws surrounding your particular claim might leave you penniless. Each case is unique, and depending on the particular circumstances surrounding your injury, certain steps must be taken immediately. Fail to take these steps, and you might end up not being able to make a claim in the future. This could cost you thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

This is when you turn to experienced personal injury attorneys such as the attorneys at Sardelis and Bowles, LLP. Not only do we have experience with a wide variety of cases, but we take the time to walk clients through the case from beginning to end—cushioning you from the anxiety that often surrounds these cases. We will advocate for you and do everything we can to get you the best settlement possible.