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Obviously there are many things to consider when filing a personal injury lawsuit, one of which is cost. The cost of an attorney often makes people feel as though it is not worth it to file or that they should file without the help of an attorney.  Naturally, when an attorney tells you that you need an attorney to file a personal injury lawsuit, it will feel like we’re just trying to sell our services. Understandably, this might make you skeptical. However, we’re not going to tell you that, not exactly. There are cases where it is appropriate for you to file without an attorney’s help. In cases of minor injury, it would definitely be more to your advantage to negotiate the settlement on your own and save money.

When dealing with insurance companies if you have minor injuries and there is absolutely no ambiguity in whose fault it is that you were injured, then yes, you should try and negotiate your own settlement. You will want to create a “letter of demand” that you send to the insurance company. It should include:

  • Photographs of the scene, injury, and/or damage
  • Police report
  • Doctor’s note and copies of any medical bills you may have

Do not give too many details or specifics because that can later be used against you. A simple letter of demand should begin the process.

Are you unable to show clear-cut evidence of your accident and would like to work with an attorney? If so, you should call around and find an attorney that is not only affordable but produces results.