Florida family law attorneys routinely take calls from people with questions about how we differ from their prior states in the courts. Our child custody and divorce settlements are somewhat different, with different legal rigors. There are many people in our state who feel that the system could be more “egalitarian” than it is. It seems to many that the courts lean in a particular direction and that can make people feel helpless. As divorce attorneys, we do our best to help each of our clients receive the legal outcome that they can feel good about.

Florida is a state that allow for a “no fault” divorce. This means that two people simply do not want to be married any longer and do not need to prove to the court why the divorce should be granted. The couple divides the property and submits their own settlement to the court. Typically, “no fault” divorces are not that popular in longer term relationships. People will often contest the divorce because they believe they require more from the divorce than the other party will allow. This is where an attorney comes in to help negotiate the settlement. Custody may also be a reason to eschew the “no fault’ when one parent wishes to have more of a primary custodial role.

As family law attorneys, we work with families to make these matters go as smoothly as possible and without animosities. If you have any questions, we would be glad to help.