Distracted driving is a growing problem in our world. As Sarasota personal injury attorneys, we this everyday. As technology becomes more powerful and more involved, people depend more on it to keep their interest, rather than pay attention to the road. Countless accidents, many fatal, have occurred due to someone checking their phone. Even among experienced drivers, dialing a phone number while behind the wheel increases the risk of being in an accident by 250 percent!

Even less technologically-centered activities take precious attention away from driving. Activities such as applying make-up or smoking a cigarette greatly impair one’s ability to react to the ever changing conditions of traffic.

Many countries and states have attempted to use graphic and intense public service announcements in an effort to curb the effects of distracted driving, even placing advertisements on billboards. However, some feel that the use of billboards is actually counter-intuitive to the goals of the advertising, with passers-by taking their eyes off the road to read the warnings.

Ultimately, the best method for reducing distracted driving is to apply willpower. The cigarette can wait. The phone call can wait. If the risk of distracted driving is still too high, try methods such as turning your phone off or on silent while behind the wheel. Keep your cigarettes in the glove compartment. Finish putting your make-up on before you leave the house. Taking those five extra minutes before you get on the road, even if it means you’ll be late, is much safer than risking a fatal car accident.