Car accidents are very common. Injuries from car accidents occur a little less nowadays than they have in the past. This is thanks to many amazing changes to vehicles implemented by automobile companies to make them safer. However, it is very difficult, especially at high speeds, to prevent all injury or injuries to the body. As personal injury attorneys, we know this simply based upon the number of people who walk through our doors with head, knee, and neck injuries. Three of the most common types of car accident injuries occur whether airbags are present or not.

Neck Injury

Whiplash is a term most-often associated with car accidents. Whiplash occurs during a collision due to the head being thrust by momentum at a sudden stop either to the side or forward. The ligaments in the neck are subject to intense pressure and will strain causing intense pain.


Much like with whiplash, a concussion occurs when the brain is shaken by the sudden jerk that comes with a stop or when the head meets an immovable object in the vehicle. Concussions can be mild, requiring only a day of rest, or can be a traumatic brain injury that effects the individual’s life for months and years to come.


Oftentimes when a collision involves one car ramming the side of another, the leg closest to the door will be injured. This can cause a knee injury, hip injury, or both.

There really isn’t any good type of injury to receive. If you have been hurt, you will require rest and time off of work to recover. Hopefully, your insurance will help you get what you need to do just that.